Here's what our clients say about us:

EDClass, 27/07/2022

Clear Quality was recommended to us by our biggest supplier as things were bottlenecking and our business progress didn’t seem right.  The main reason for us as an educational business was to prepare for Ofsted and governmental regulations that come into place in the near future. We started the ISO9001 and ISO 21001 journey so that we could make every staff member accountable for our customers, our educational delivery, reputation, and the service provided to be exceptional alongside always looking at the profitability and performance of the business. We started to look at all processes; structures and procedures; streamline our business; study key performances; budgeting; marketing plans; compliance; forecasting; staffing abilities; strengths and weaknesses in departments; create targets and new product markets; but most importantly look at the cost, waste, and risk we were having whilst projecting the future.

ISO 9001 has made us take everything back to basics, accepted weaknesses, and created targets, actions, and SOPs under the guidance of the ISO 9001 process (and some frank and scary conversations). We have learned that it is not about a person anymore, but a job role that has a process and Key Performance Indicators so that the next person coming in when we grow has everything covered and done. It has made us realise the benefits of structuring training and staff development in more depth and how it benefits the overall organisation. Debbie and Caroline have been exceptional in all aspects, and we now have the plan to double within two years with multiple products in other markets, not just education.  What Caroline has done especially for us has been outstanding. Our initial ISO 21001 meeting with Terri shows how much we have actually moved forward over the last year. It will take a few more tears and heartache, but we have gone back to basics and looked at every aspect of the business. It is priceless what we are now doing at every stage.  I have already recommended Clear Quality to multiple businesses and friends as it has totally made us think about all areas of service, delivery, reputation, process, costs, targets, projections and most importantly reducing our risk. I cannot recommend Clear Quality enough.

Sam Warnes, EDClass

PEP, 22/07/2022

Clear Quality was recommended to us over four years ago when we started the project of implementing ISO 9001:2015 into our business to help streamline our processes and make the business run more efficiently. I had been on an introduction to ISO course myself through the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce but realised I would need external support to help us gain our certification; that is where Clear Quality came in. We have now been working with Clear Quality and have achieved IS9001 standard for the last 4 years working with support from Karen, our consultant at Clear Quality.

Clear Quality made the whole process of getting our business ready for the final step of certification easy, so easy in fact we have recently gone through a Recertification Audit with Clear Quality’s Certification body.

We always recommend Clear Quality to other businesses looking to implement a quality management system aligned to the ISO standards within their business, or their certification body to anyone looking to gain certification.

Linda Spencer, PEP 

ONS Group, 22/07/2022

Clear Quality was recommended to us by the Barnsley & Rotherham chamber of commerce, we were looking for a company to support us in implementing the ISO 9001:2015 standard within our business as several of our customers were asking for this standard as a prerequisite. After my initial meeting with Debbie, we decided Clear Quality was the company we wanted to move forward with, Debbie was very approachable, and I felt Clear Quality would be able to give us the support we required. Now that we have been working with Clear Quality for over 12 months, I would describe the service we have received from them as ‘Slick’. The whole process of implementing the ISO 9001:2015 standard was smooth, streamlined, effective and efficient, so much so that we are now working on implementing the ISO 27001 and the ISO 14001 standards within our business.

Clear Quality have also granted us certification for the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This process was great. Darren was brilliant, very approachable and clear, and he made what could have been a very serious couple of days effective but also a lot of fun. I would tell anyone considering using Clear Quality to use them straight away! 

Steve Murrell, ONS Group

COOLSPiRiT, 22/07/2022

During the first lockdown of Covid, COOLSPIRiT set a strategic plan to achieve BSI ISO27001 certification to provide assurances to our customers and other stakeholders that we are comprehensively managing the security of the information we hold. After initial research we knew having the support of an expert team would ensure we executed on our plan successfully and during a quick search for recommended companies, we found Clear Quality. We were looking for a company to support us in implementing the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard into our business, building on the already achieved ISO 9001. I had an initial meeting with Debbie and after speaking with her, we knew Clear Quality would be the ideal company to provide us with the support we needed, holding the same ethics and approaches to any project. Debbie even helped us access some funding to reduce the cost of implementing the ISO standard into our business. If I was to choose one word that would describe our experience with Clear Quality, it would be ‘Excellent’ this is the word that comes to mind straight away when I think of Clear Quality. I would not hesitate in recommending Clear Quality to any business, the service they have given us has been outstanding.

Since the original ISO 27001 implementation, Clear Quality have helped us achieve ISO 14001 and we have ISO 20000 just around the corner. We look forward to many more years of partnership with the whole team at Clear Quality.

Alex Raben, COOLSPiRRiT

Graphoidal, 22/07/2022

When Graphoidal started the project of implementing the ISO 9001 standard into our business we soon recognised we would require the services of an external company to support us on this journey. We did some research on the internet looking at different organisations that could offer us the required support, this is when we came across Clear Quality. We had a meeting with Debbie, she was very knowledgeable and friendly, we liked what she had to say, and new straight away Clear Quality would be a great fit for our business.

Not only have Clear Quality supported us in gaining the ISO 9001 certification but they have also helped us upskill our staff with the training they offer, meaning our staff are now more equipped to manage our quality management system. Darren, our Consultant, and Beth, the Training Director at Clear Quality, have both been a great support to us, always at the end of the phone ready to offer support if needed. If I was to describe our experience with Clear Quality, it would be a ‘Great Experience’ the whole Clear quality team always go above and beyond with their support to constantly exceed our expectations. I would 100% recommend Clear Quality to anyone considering working with them. 

Josh Kirkwood, Graphoidal

MedTherapeutics Ltd, 13/04/2022

Karen and Debbie have taken us from complete ISO novices to having an active and functioning quality manual, and we have just breezed through our stage one and stage two UCAS external audits without a single minor and with compliments from the auditor. As a result, we are now proud ISO 9001 certificate holders – a lot of work but a painless procedure and we could not have done it without Karen and the team. Thank you.

Mike Upton, General Manager, MedTherapeutics Ltd 13/04/2022

Golden Globe Merchants Limited, 10/03/2022

We have just received  ISO 14001 and 45001 accreditation and we are absolutely delighted.  We did it with the help of Clear Quality.  Our consultant Darren Forder guided us all the way and made what seemed like a daunting task so much easier.  Darren was there every step of the way, in person or at the end of the phone - he became part of the team.  We never felt that we were asking too many questions.  Darren was always approachable and professional and his advice will help us longer term as well.  We really appreciate what Clear Quality did and we could not have achieved the standards without Darren.

Andria Soteriou, Business Development Manager, Golden Globe Merchants Limited

Blink Print Limited, 07/01/2022

Huge thanks to Clear Quality and Darren Forder for guiding and helping us through our recent ISO certification process, Darren helped Blink Print achieve ISO 9001 & 14001. I can’t say enough good things about them. Darren helped to make what initially seemed a very daunting process so much easier, we couldn’t have done it without him. Helpful, easy to work with, and professional throughout the whole process, I would recommend to anyone considering ISO certification for their business.

Esther Butterfield, Managing Director, Blink Print Limited

Ellsi Limited, 29/10/2021

I would like to offer our thanks and appreciation for the work and professionalism yourself and Clear quality have provided Ellsi to complete the ISO 9001 certification. This is a big deal for our business & we are already seeing the benefits that accreditation can bring, the confidence that it gives businesses to work with us is already visible. As you are aware this is not my field! So the majority of the work has been by you, and the way that you made it fully understandable to me has been a great help. Also, the fact that the TUV auditor complimented how professional the files looked is down to you.

Custom Fittings, 12/10/2021

Implementing a new Business Quality Management System is a daunting task for any business and working with Clear Quality has been a breath of fresh air. The complexities of the AS9100 Standard were explained in a way that was easy to follow and any misconceptions we had were ironed out straight away. Debbie became an essential member of our team giving us the confidence that the organisation was more than capable of attaining the AS9100 Certification. Most importantly, Debbie quickly understood the Company, it’s values and what we wanted to achieve, it soon felt like we were not just working with a first class Quality Management Consultant, but an experienced colleague.

Lewis Crowther, Custom Fittings

Eternal Engineering Limited, 10/05/2021

We recently used Clear Quality to help us achieve our ISO 9001. From day one with our communications with Debbie, she explained everything that would need to happen and how we could achieve our goal. This being our first certification, no question was too trivial, and she immediately responded to any queries.

Darren Forder was the consultant that was appointed to us, and we were really pleased with him as well. The work he did with us was nothing short of amazing to get us through to completion in such a short time frame and during the Covid lockdown.  He took an interest in our business and worked to implement the standards in a way that fit in with us as a small but growing company. His work and advice not only helped us gain the standards successfully but also helped us plug any potential problem areas that could arise as we grow. It also helps that he is a nice person and a pleasure to work with.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Clear quality and will continue to use them in future.

Andy Dakin, Eternal Engineering Ltd.

J McCann & Co Ltd, 19/05/2021

At McCann’s we have been implementing a collaborative business management system, ISO 44001, since 2018 to meet client and contract requirements. Since the inception of the management system, our third-party certification body, BSI, have found weaknesses within our system and our last audit from BSI identified a number of non-conformances. We clearly needed help.

We contacted Clear Quality to request assistance with developing a plan to tackle these non-conformances and achieve system compliance. From the start Debbie was helpful and extremely client focused, ensuring she understood our needs, capabilities, and objectives.

From meetings and workshops with Clear Quality, Debbie developed a clear action plan to tackle each non-conformance. Debbie provided support and the tools to ensure we understood the standard requirements and more importantly the reasons why the NCRs were raised in the first place. With Debbie’s assistance and coaching we were fully prepared for our annual audit with BSI. We closed out the existing non conformances and achieved the excellent result of having 0 new ones raised.

This result was beyond our expectations, and with Clear Quality’s support we have increased our personal knowledge of the standards and improved business systems which ensures our business is fit for the future.

Thankyou Clear Quality, we really could not have done this without your support.

J. McCann & Co Ltd

Cappfinity, 12/05/2021

Karen’s knowledge and expertise were immensely valuable as we reviewed and consolidated our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 processes in line with our global expansion. Karen proved to be a critical-friend for us when spotting improvement opportunities and helping navigate some ideas from being thoughts into actions for us to take away and complete. Karen’s warm and friendly nature made working with her an enjoyable and educational experience and we would strongly recommend her to anyone having ISO needs, no matter the size, especially if you need someone to cut through the jargon. Thanks again, Karen!

Pav Johal, Internal Auditor & IT Support Technician

Paul Ponsonby Distribution, 10/05/2021

For the past two years, Darren and I have worked hard together to bring our ISO9001/14001 IMS to a level where we have something that works, can be assessed externally, and that we can be proud of. Fast forward to 2021 and we flew through our assessment with zero non-conformances and only one very minor observation. Whilst Darren did not attend this year’s assessment, which was postponed on the request of the assessor, the preparation he provided was a key contributing factor to such a smooth audit.

Thank you to Darren and to Clear Quality, a company I would recommend to anyone for their professionalism and friendliness.

Keith Povall, Paul Ponsonby Distribution.

Peak Packaging, 10/05/2021

In early 2020 our audit specialist moved on to pastures new, which was great for him but left us with a system without an expert and an audit due in a few months. What to do? Well, through a good contact of mine I was put in touch with Debbie, the MD of Clear Quality. An informative and professional, whilst very friendly, conversation followed and Debbie suggested that Karen, one of her expert team, would be the ideal support for me and our company.

What followed was a professional relationship of over 18 months during which time we passed our BRCGS audit with an AA rating and no non-conformances (according to our auditor it was unheard of for him to find no recommendations) and had also put in place a new QA/QC controller. Karen also helped with their training.

Clear Quality are amazingly good value and there is never any pressure to have more support than is required. I rarely write referrals, but Clear Quality are an outstanding consultancy business and deserve the credit for their professional approach.

Simon Elmsley, Company Secretary.

GNS Communications, 29/03/2021

Clear Quality's support and guidance has been great. Darren Forder has been fantastic to work with. He has been an immense help over the last few months helping us get everything in line to achieve our ISO accreditations, initially he helped us achieve ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 and most recently ISO 45001:2018 with no non-conformities.

Darren's knowledge and passion are second to none. We really appreciate the way he came in and got to know us. He worked with us instead of just handing over the information we needed. That is something we found key in the development of our business.

Ash, GNS Communications

Telasys Ltd, 25/03/2021

Excellent service from Clear Quality who have helped build and implement a comprehensive quality management system to allow us to achieve both ISO9001 and TL9000 certification. Our account manager Karen was very knowledgeable and helped explain each requirement in detail along with the associated benefits. In addition to the certification gained we have also seen dramatic improvements to our business processes and quality, including efficiency savings, and we’re confident this will help deliver a better quality of product and services to our clients.

Lee Bennett, Telasys Ltd.

CRONIMET (Great Britain) Limited 23/02/2021

Following our meeting with Debbie, who impressed us with her knowledge and enthusiasm, we soon realised Clear Quality were the consultants for us.

Debbie matched us with Darren who helped us through the combined ISO9001 & ISO14001 system. The guidance Darren has offered us on our ISO journey has been most appreciated, cutting through the “ISO Speak”, breaking down the clauses to a more recognisable terminology to fit our business model, and making the whole process very enjoyable and straight forward for us.

Darren has become our ISO Champion and we look forward to his visits, his constant ideas, information and enthusiasm. So far Clear Quality have guided us through our ISO9001 & ISO 14001 and we look forward to adding ISO45001 to our portfolio in the near future.

From our experience, we would whole heartedly recommend Clear Quality for your ISO requirements and we look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

Peter Brooke, SHEQ Manager, CRONIMET (Great Britain) Limited

Airframe Designs Limited 22/01/2021

We first engaged with Debbie at Clear Quality in mid-2020 as we were keen to gain AS9100D accreditation. Over the following months Debbie was instrumental in helping us to create a robust, organised, and incredibly useful quality management system.  She is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and could not do enough to help us to meet our goals. 

Debbie clearly knows the standards and requirements very well and explained everything in an easy to understand manner.  She always went out of her way to help and was very respectful of our client commitments and limited availability.

We were delighted when we obtained the certification for AS9100D & BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in early January 2021, after breezing through the Stage 1 and 2 audits towards the end of 2020.

Debbie made it clear from day 1 that if we invest in the system and make it work, it will pay dividends in the future, giving the business the high level of control required for the aerospace industry!

We would highly recommend Clear Quality to any business that is looking for ISO 9001 or AS9100 accreditation.

Lisa Chambers, Structures Lead Engineer and CVE

PICH Telecoms Ltd Testimonial, 10/12/2020

Since its establishment in January, 2019 PICH Telecoms Ltd has rapidly grown and within the last year we have managed to obtain ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 with zero non-conformities. Something we are extremely proud of! Initially, obtaining the three standards came as a requirement from a work-based contract. However, upon working through all three, we have found our business has dramatically improved in every area.

This could not have been achieved without Darren at Clear Quality! He is an incredible consultant and working with him was an absolute pleasure. His knowledge in all areas of ISO standards is second to none and the level of support we received from him was amazing. He took a process that could be very intense and intimidating and made it enjoyable.

From beginning to end, working with Clear Quality has been fantastic and we would not hesitate in recommending them to any business. We hope to work with them again sometime in the future!

Zoe Linder, PICH Telecoms Ltd

Home for Wells Testimonial, 09/12/2020

I was very glad that I chose Clear Quality to be our consultants. They helped us to make tremendous progress, even with only one face-to-face meeting due to the pandemic. We did much of the work, including the external audit, by Zoom and email.

We found Debbie and Darren to be a birght, cheerful team, who helped us through any difficulty, and to success with our certification. They relate to real-life situations and helped us to get a workable and very useful system in place.

The team at Clear Quality are a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend them to any organisation seeking the benefits of an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

David Fennell, Chairman 

Graphoidal Developments Limited Testimonial, 04/09/2020

“I would highly recommend using Clear Quality. We used them to help us gain ISO 9001 certification and couldn’t have done it without them. Darren went above and beyond my expectations; always willing to help no matter the situation. We really couldn’t have done it without Darren’s continuous support and hard work.”

Joshua Kirkwood, Quality Assurance Engineer

Paul Ponsonby Limited Testimonial, 07/03/2020

I would like to applaud the sterling effort made by Darren in helping us achieve another two years of certification for our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We would not have achieved this without his help, mainly due to the fact many parts of these standards are far from clear as to their aim and, as transport and warehousing is our business, an expert like Darren is essential to help us become fully compliant.

He is always thorough in everything he recommends and, as we intend to build on our successful certification, we will be calling on him again through the coming year. I’m sure his other clients speak and think as highly of him as we do.

Keith Povall, Marketing 

Intelligent Facility Solutions Limited Testimonial, 06/02/2020

“Working with Clear Quality for our ISO has been a breath of fresh air after we found out a previous consultant we were working with wasn’t right for our company and Darren is one of a kind. He is such an amazing consultant and so easy to work with. His approach in simplifying every little detail, willingness and dedication to ensure we succeeded in the accreditation gave us a huge relief in going through the process.. He literally moved with us every step of the way and we never had to second guess anything. He gave us assurance of success and he delivered. We would definitely recommend this company any day, anytime.”

Kehinde Fahiku, Continuous Improvement Executive

PHES (Plate Heat Exchanger Services Ltd) Testimonial, 11/12/2019

“The knowledge and professionalism of Clear Quality, along with their very approachable attitude, played a huge part in PHES achieving the ISO9001: 2015 standard and without the help of both Darren Forder and Debbie Whitehead, this would not have been possible.

A huge thanks from the whole team at Plate Heat Exchangers Services Limited.”

Mark Ingram, Commercial Manager

Talasey Group Testimonial, 01/11/2019

"We contacted Clear Quality about 9 months ago to help with our surveillance visit for 9001 and 14001. Up to this point we had used other consultants but never felt like our Integrated Management System was our own and added much value to the company. From the first day I met with Clear Quality I knew we were in great hands. Karen has supported us in ensuring that our system is our own and that we get the most out of the ISO Certification that we can and it isn’t just a ‘tick box exercise’.

We recently had our 9001 and 14001 audit and we received the best results we have ever had (by a mile) as a company. We could not have done it without the help of Clear Quality and I am confident that this working relation will continue and only become stronger. Thankyou so much."

Keeley Fox, HR & Compliance Advisor.

Rollem Testimonial, 21/10/2019

"Since the referendum to leave the EU, we decided there was an imminent need to look at having some sort of accreditation behind our name at Rollem. ISO standards fit the bill and so did the recommendation of Clear Quality as consultants to help us achieve this.

Having an international customer base, there is a need for us to have internationally recognised accreditation, particularly once we no longer can or have EU compliance to accredit the standard of our machinery.

Having worked with Clear Quality and in particular Darren over the past 18 months-2 years, he has helped improve the efficiency of our day to day operations undoubtedly. It has been a slow process to change the mindset of a workplace that hasn’t addressed this area before. Having a workforce that still includes the first employees hired at Rollem over 50 years ago and employment averaging at least 17 years, our downfall was the lack of documentation rather than people keeping it all in their heads! The process hasn’t slowed or stopped operations as we worked through it and it has actually streamlined some areas and made them easier for us than ever before.

Darren’s patience and persistence with us has paid off and we have finally passed our stage 2 audit, no chance we would be able to say that without him and Clear Quality!”

Rachel Murphy, Business Support Manager

Technique Learning Solutions Testimonial, 30/08/2019

"We wanted a company to assist us in implementing an updated Quality Management system, Clear Quality have been superb to work with and have a very methodical straight forward approach which has also encouraged us to think outside the box and reflect on enhanced business practices.

We now see Clear Quality as an integral part of the team and as being an investment that has far outweighed the benefits we have received.

We would highly recommend Clear Quality to any organisation wanting to implement or enhance their current Quality Management Systems."

Andy Sharp, Commercial Manager

Samurai Digital Security Testimonial, 22/08/2019

Samurai wanted ISO 9001 so we could ensure clients and potential customers are aware of our commitment to improving the quality of our services. This will also help us to become CREST compliant.

Clear Quality helped us through this process by offering guidance and support on the requirements for 9001, while also creating plans for when the required documents should be completed by. Karen has been an immense help during this whole process.

I would recommend Clear Quality to any clients looking for ISO 9001.

Jack Hague, Cyber Security and GDPR Consultant

Reynolds Logistics Testimonial, 21/08/2019

“We employed Clear Quality approximately 18 months ago.  As our Lead Consultant from Clear Quality, Darren very quickly built a great working relationship with everyone he encountered in the business.  With his professional attitude and calm approach, he has helped us integrate ISO throughout our whole business process, whilst also guiding our ship through two audits, steering us as required in order to ensure successful recertification on ISO 9001 and upgrade from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001.

I would highly recommend Darren and all the Clear Quality team as highly professional individuals who fully understand both the requirements for businesses under ISO, but their absolute skill lies in making them real and tangible for a business.  With the help of Clear Quality, our QMS system is now an important cog in the business and part of our everyday working life!”

Darina Corr, HR & SHEQ Manager

Professional Energy Purchasing (PEP) Testimonial, 06/08/2019

“As part of our Business Plan we decided to look at implementing ISO9001:2015 in September 2018.

We felt this would help to structure the company and help with succession planning while working towards a management reporting system.  

The team have been working with Karen Taylor from Clear Quality who have helped us to implement the changes and gain the IS09001:2015 certification which was awarded in April 2019. We are still working with Karen who supports with Management reviews and internal audits to comply with the ISO standard.  Karen at Clear Quality have made the ISO certification experience smooth and stress free, as well as helping the whole team really understand the process.  Thank you, Karen for all your support.

The benefit to the company has a two-fold affect that we now have all working procedures & policies written down in an easy understandable way for staff to follow.  We have continued to improve and update changes.  Our customer base is mainly made up of manufacturers and multi sited businesses.

We feel this helps give them confidence to use Professional Energy Purchasing Ltd to support all their Energy needs, as we are one of very few Energy Consultants who hold this ISO standard.

We would highly recommend Clear Quality Ltd to any business looking for ISO accreditation.”

Linda Spencer, Managing Director

Daily Care Testimonial, 05/08/2019

From our initial phone call to Clear Quality where I spoke to Debbie, she was so informative about the new standard and how they can help us with the transition.

David and I are so thankful for all Darren’s help in us achieving the new standards ISO 9001: 2015, Darren made it so easy and stress free and he explained to us each section in the standard.

Without your professional help we would not of reached the required standard, so we thank Clear Quality & Darren for all your help!

Denise Appleby

Coptrz Testimonial, 25/07/2019

“Clear Quality were recommended from a company I used to work for as they had started to use Darren, who originally guided them through the ISO 9001:2015 transition, in which Clear Quality impressed. It was then decided that they would keep Darren & Clear Quality on to help maintain and upkeep their Quality Management system.

We received excellent advice from Darren on how to create an IMS to cover the ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 standards and how to further develop what we already had in place so our processes and documentation were in line with the requirements. ISO 14001 was new to me so it was great to have someone to guide us through the process who fully understood the requirements and how our business worked, we also only decided to include 14001 half way through the process, none of this was an issue to Darren or Clear Quality.

The assessor had no observations and no non-conformances when it came to our certification audit.”

Amanda Speight, Head of Operations

Midlands Building Control Consultancy Ltd Testimonial, 15/07/2019

Midlands Building Control Consultancy Ltd started as an Approved Inspector on 24th July 2017, we are a private Building Control service provider covering the East Midlands area and we are regulated by The CICAIR and audited on a regular basis to gain and retain our reregistration.

Clear Quality have helped us gain IS0 9001 certification from BSI and helped us with our written procedures and quality management systems.

Gaining a certificated QMS also ticks all of the boxes required from CICAIR and our insurance under writers.

Clear quality have also helped us with the internal auditing process within the company and also with external audits from CICAIR and BSI.

Debbie and her team have been a great help and assistance to the company.

Adrian Marshall

TechniQual Engineering Ltd Testimonial, 03/07/2019

“Darren and the team at Clear Quality have worked with TechniQual Engineering for the last couple of years, providing the company with valuable external support to ensure that we are continuously improving our operations, systems and procedures, allowing us to remain competitive with the ability to meet and exceed customer requirements time and time again. 

Darren is very knowledgeable in all aspects of business improvement and the support he has given us, in particular around internal auditing and top-level management reviews has enabled us to make efficiencies in a number of areas of the business.  The Directors at TechniQual Engineering have no hesitation in recommending the team to any other business, large or small, who are passionate about improving their operations.”

Leanne Adams, Director

Prototype Creative Testimonial, 31/05/2019

“We commissioned Clear Quality to help guide us in implementing an approved quality management system. From the beginning, as a company we wanted to be 100% involved with creating, implementing and ultimately adhering to, our own quality management system.

With the guidance of Clear quality, notably Darren Forder, we passed our audits’ first time, with zero non-conformances. Something we are particularly proud of.

With the support and consultancy of Clear Quality and (often short notice) ad hoc support, we now have a QMS in place that every single member of staff at Prototype Creative has not only acknowledged, but has also contributed to its implementation. Which without Clear Quality, would not have been possible.”

Gavin Winder, Creative Director

ICPE Testimonial, 23/08/18

Established in 2000, Ian Cocker Precision Engineering has achieved recognition for quality services. However, in 2018 we were looking for business growth opportunities and the prospect of obtaining a superior customer base. We comprehended the need for an advanced management system that aligned with quality to coincide with our wider business strategies. ISO 9001:2015 was primarily necessitated to endeavour this particular direction within the business. ‘Clear Quality’ were at the forefront of this aspiration and were very efficient and effective in informing ICPE of the requirements needed to attain ISO 9001:2015. Monthly visits and actions were arranged in advance to ensure all areas of the QMS system complied with the international standards. Clear Quality demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in creating quality management systems combined with systematically understanding the demands of a growing business.

Clear Quality’s involvement in the process, helped us seemingly implement our management systems effectively to achieve accreditation. Clear Quality were thorough and insightful on the direction for us to take and the necessary developments needed to enhance our internal systems. Clear Quality are still providing a service to us to ensure continuous improvement of the QMS is maintained and remains a fundamental element to ICPE. while remaining dedicated and professional throughout. They offer an unparalleled service remaining dedicated and professional throughout and we would highly recommend them to any business requiring this service.

Ian Cocker

Orthosprojects Testimonial, 17/08/18

Darren from Clear Quality was a massive help to us in achieving ISO9001:2015. Without his help and knowledge, we would have struggled to implement all of the new requirements for the transition. Darren was extremely knowledgeable of the new standard, as well as being polite, punctual and understanding of our needs. Not only did he implement the new requirements, he also overhauled our existing quality system, making it much simpler and easier to understand for all the staff. Using Clear Quality was a great idea as it made the transition and usability of our quality system so much easier”

Thanks again Darren!

Tim Hall
Quality Engineer at Orthosprojects

MWS Testimonial, 30/08/18

I would like to thank Clear Quality, especially Karen for all your help with the updating of our quality management system in line with the new requirements for ISO 9001:2015.I requested your services following a google search and from the onset the level of understanding and ability to adapt your services to our business became apparent.Within a small timeframe we now have an ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality system that works for us and we all have a better understanding of both the requirements of the standard and our own processes.I would not hesitate to recommend you to others and will be using your services again.

Paul Cooke
QHSE Manager MWS Ltd

Robsons Handling Technology Ltd Testimonial

Clear Quality Ltd provide a first class, cost effective, professional service for SME’s wishing to improve their Quality management systems or gain ISO accreditation.

Robson Group commissioned Clear Quality and Debbie in January 2018 to review our approach to ISO 9001 accreditation and the quality systems and approach we use in our business. Although we have had our ISO accreditation for many years, we have struggled to address the issues in the new 2015 standard and our quality systems and processes were stagnant and not contributing effectively to the development of our business.

Debbie quickly assessed the existing processes within our business and mixed easily with our management team to gain a good understanding of our business. Her knowledge of ISO was excellent, as you would expect, but more importantly she managed to simplify our quality systems and processes quickly and cost effectively whilst gaining ownership from our management team. In June 2018 we passed our ISO 9001 accreditation to the new 2015 standard with no non-conformances and a commendation from our LRQA Adviser.

We have more work for Debbie and her team to undertake on behalf of Robson’s but I would have no hesitation in recommending Clear Quality to any SME in the region grappling with their quality management systems and wanting a fresh pair of eyes perspective on moving their business forward or gaining relevant ISO accreditation.

Colin Beresford
CEO Robson Group

Paul Ponsonby Testimonial. September 2018

I recently joined Paul Ponsonby Ltd and am involved in the transition from ISO 9001 2008 and 14001, to the 2015 version.  I have considerable “old experience” of ISO but being about ten years behind the times, I was well and truly out of my depth.

We called Clear Quality in to help us with the transition and they sent Darren!

There are good ISO consultants and then there’s Darren.

He’s very easy to get on with. He takes the time to explain precisely what the aim of a particular procedure is and is patient enough when ode dogs like me don’t get it first time.

He’s helped us incorporate the two standards we work to into one IMS or Integrated Management System. Yes, he’s fond of his acronyms. One bit of advice suggested we adopt, was a RAG approach which  had me searching my desk drawers for a duster when in actual fact he was suggesting a colour coding system of Red Amber and Green.

But seriously, when I say there’s good ISO consultants and there’s Darren, I mean he’s top drawer. Thorough and clear with his advice. I’m pleased to say that when the external assessor came to reassess us in August, we were immediately recommended for transition to the new standard.

We’ve called Darren back for a further day’s consulting to help clarify auditing procedure “moving forward”.

Our company is delighted with the help he’s given and the confidence he’s helped build amongst us. We look forward to working with him again.

Keith Povall
Sales & Marketing Assistant
Paul Ponsonby Limited


Excellent service and assistance given by Clear Quality and their representative Darren Forder with our recent upgrade to ISO 9001:2015.

Darren was extremely professional,  knowledgeable and efficient whilst being very friendly and approachable.

I would highly recommend both Clear Quality  and Darren to any company requiring assistance and we would definitely contact them again in the future.