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What are ATEX and IECEx?

ATEX is an abbreviation for ‘ATmosphere Explosible’ and the name of the European Directive 2014/34/EC concerning the market of explosion-proof electrical and mechanical equipment, protective systems, and components. It came into force in July 2003, and all new equipment and protective systems have been subject to it since then.

IECEx is the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres. It uses quality specifications based on International Standards which are prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Myths and miss-information cost a significant amount, not only in monetary terms but also in time, resource and energy. An expert guide at the beginning of the process is fundamental to any company working in this kind of industry and can save thousands by the end of it, by being clear and concise.  

If your organisation is looking to implement ATEX or IECEx, here are the ways which Clear Quality can help:

1.       Training - introducing ATEX / IECEx to companies that are new to it, or companies that are struggling to get to grips with it.

2.       Support companies in attaining the Quality Assurance Notification or Quality Assurance Report.

3.       Help companies with Hazard Ignition Assessments.

4.       Structure and help compile a company’s Technical File.

5.       Ensure companies have the correct detail on their approved drawings before submission.

6.       Ensure the Quality Assurance system is adapted to accept the introduction of the ATEX elements.

7.       Liaise with the notified bodies on the customer’s behalf, with the ability to speak about the technicalities using the same level of understanding.

8.       Identify weaknesses in a company’s certification systems.

9.       Ensure the company is aiming for the right level of certification and know the differences.

10.   Ensure the company knows how to be generic in the selection of components and parameters, future proofing the certificate.

11.   Ensure Operation Manuals have the correct content and comply with requirements. 

12.   Provision of ongoing support, for any day to day questions.

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