Matrix Standard

Matrix Standard

Clear Quality is an ISO and Matrix standard consultancy service. We offer Matrix Standard consultancy to help organisations, colleges and training providers to do the best for their students, clients and customers.


The matrix Standard is a quality standard for organisations seeking to assess and measure their information, advice and guidance services (IAG) in a learning or work setting. It ultimately supports individuals regarding career, learning, work and life goals by helping associated services to provide the best support.

The matrix Standard provides a benchmark of the quality of IAG services -- the Government's Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) strategy to help students with career paths and life goals.


The matrix quality standard acts as a performance improvement tool that promotes the effective practice and continuous quality improvement. It quality assures organisations delivering Government-funded contracts, including the National Careers Service.

From the evaluation findings, its purpose is well understood by accredited organisations, assessors and advisors. The matrix is a path, so to speak. If you follow the path then the service improves. If the service improves, the customer gets better advice and guidance, which then that has a direct impact on the college: students are getting on the right course, based upon their goals and ambitions. The matrix quality standard helps students and colleges alike.


Clear Quality’s support and consultancy services help you to achieve accreditation.

Evaluation taken from the ‘Department for the Innovation and Skills’ shows that achievement of the matrix Standard (matrix accreditation) is a contractual requirement for providers of the National Careers Service - and other Skills Funding Agency organisations.

Matrix accreditation allows organisations to secure Skills Funding Agency or National Careers Service funding and contracts - it’s an extremely useful standard for colleges and other organisations looking to provide the best for their pupils.

Although the opportunity to secure funding or contracts is the main reason why many organisations seek matrix accreditation, a substantial minority of organisations are motivated to seek matrix accreditation by a desire to improve the quality of their overall service provision. Findings show that seven out of ten providers (70.6 per cent) report that the primary motivation for seeking matrix accreditation is to secure Skills Funding Agency, National Careers Service or other funding/contracts.

Further analysis suggests that for some organisations, being mandated to achieve the matrix standard is not the only reason for seeking accreditation. Organisations, whose primary motivation for accreditation is contractual, recognise and value the wider benefits of the matrix Standard.


The matrix is highly regarded by many as a valuable tool that can aid performance and organisational development. The ability to benchmark services against the current best practice, and have processes critically reviewed, is regarded as a valuable investment of organisations’ time. Younger organisations, in particular, highlight that working towards the Matrix accreditation helps to develop and implement appropriate systems and processes and that it enables them to compete on an equal basis with established competitors who have already achieved the matrix quality standard. Other respondents raised similar motivations for accreditation, looking to the standard as a product they sought to help manage their business.


The matrix Standard is currently comprised of four key elements:

  • Leadership and management
  • Resources
  • Service delivery
  • Continuous quality improvement.


The matrix Standard is still required by the ESFA and forms part of their current contract for services. If “information and advice are embedded as part of the delivery of the Services, the contractor should work towards achieving the matrix Standard accreditation within 12 months of the start of the Contract.”


Ofsted Common Inspection Framework does not specifically mention the matrix Standard. However, it does require that providers “successfully plan and manage learning programmes, the curriculum and careers advice so that all children and learners get a good start and are well prepared for the next stage in their education, training or employment.” The matrix Standard allows you to do this effectively.

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Clear Quality is a leading consultancy company offering help and support with Matrix accreditation. We have experts with experience in the matrix standard and work with colleges, training providers and other organisations.

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