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Expectations V Reality

Navigating Adult Apprenticeships

Adult Apprenticeships have emerged as a promising avenue for individuals seeking to upskill, switch careers or enhance their expertise in a new field. Enticed by the combination of education and on-the-job training, adults are seeking these programs as they provide funded pathways to personal growth and career development. However, like any journey, the path from expectations to reality is often marked by twists, turns and shocking myths, but we have you covered. Carry on reading to find out the truth about Adult Apprenticeships and what you can expect when you enrol.

When me and my employer were talking about different avenues for training, the one reservation I had with choosing to enrol on an apprenticeship was the workload. With an already busy schedule, I was sure that adding assignments and lectures on top of that would mean saying goodbye to my lunch hour and free time forever. But, knowing it was the best possible route for my development, I took the leap and was pleasantly surprised to find my apprenticeship easily slotted around my day-to-day tasks and even, mostly, fed into them. This misconception understandably turns people away from the apprenticeship route however, the whole point of an Apprenticeship is to help and support you with your work, not hinder it, so if you do at anytime during the course feel overworked, turn to your tutor for support.

I also know that a lot of people who are considering an apprenticeship through their current workplace are often hesitant due to the misconception around the word “apprentice.” Often taken to mean school leaver, those who are looking to upskill within their career are cautious about who the course is actually catered for. Not only scared to go back to what they believe to be classroom learning, but also being forced to take a huge pay cut. Whilst it’s true that the national minimum wage for an apprentice is £5.28, this isn’t applicable to every learner in the UK, especially if you are already in contracted employment. Just like the age of an apprentice varies, so does the pay and if you don’t believe me? Just look at Clear Quality, the average age group of our apprentices is 30’s.

Now, this isn’t because people get to their 30’s and suddenly decide to change their whole career path, another misconception is that Apprenticeships are just a gateway into a new career. Whilst they are a direct and seamless route into the industry you desire, Apprenticeships are also about growth within your current role and development onto the next step.

This also beats the stigma that enrolling on an apprenticeship means going back to basics. You aren’t taking a step backwards, but rather, re-firming the foundation of your knowledge to have a clearer and stronger path forward.

In conclusion, if you are looking to upskill, retrain or maybe just grow within yourself, don’t let these myths get in your way. There are so many benefits to enrolling on an apprenticeship that far outshine any stigma associated with these programs. 

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