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Success for Clear Quality at Subcon 2021

Recently, our team attended the Subcon 2021 event in Birmingham. Subcon is the UK’s premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show. It holds great opportunities for businesses and has been running for over 40 years now.

Clear Quality was able to showcase the wide range of certifications and consultancy services that we offer. We were able to provide businesses with an insight into how being ISO certified can benefit them, enable them to grow and get more out of their employees. Subcon was a great opportunity to get our name out there and show companies that ISO certification is more than a certificate, it proves that they are able to do business the right way.

We also enjoyed seeing some of our existing clients there such as Oracle Precision, a leading precision engineering and specialist CNC machining firm who have been able to gain ISO certifications through our expert consultancy over the years. It is a pleasure to see how implementing quality management systems within their organisation has allowed them to become more efficient in their everyday work and specialist sectors.

Whether you are working in the aircraft, space and defence industry or the education sector, we have ISO certifications and training available to you. Get in contact with our team today and we will be able to best advise you on how to take your business to the next level.

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