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Quality Practitioner Level 4 Funded Apprenticeship Distance Learning Programme

Upskill your team and empower your workforce to formulate quality strategies that will improve your business practices with our Level 4 Quality Practitioner Funded Apprenticeship.


Why Join Our Quality Practitioner Level 4 Funded Apprenticeship Distance Learning Programme?


Your team will learn how to contribute to the management of customer satisfaction and supplier performance, while developing the skills necessary to compile and deploy quality policies of governance, including that of ISO standards. They will be able to undertake audits and other quality assurance activities, enabling them to solve quality issues that your organisation may face.


Improving the quality of your business practices will help to achieve a competitive advantage in any industry and give your organisation the ability to effectively mitigate risk and manage quality performance within it.


Off The Job Training


Our off-the-job training gives your workforce the necessary skills to pass this course by combining a mixture of project work, research/reading, workshops, coaching and mentoring, shadowing, and team meetings. This combination of work experience and academic knowledge will provide a fresh approach to quality assurance and processes within your business.




Depending on your levy accounts, employers can access up to 95% of the total cost of this course from government funding, meaning that you may only have to pay 5% of the total amount. Non-levy-paying companies: employers will pay 5% towards the cost of the apprenticeship and the Government will pay the remaining 95%, up to the funding band maximum. The 5% contribution will be required after the initial enrolment is completed and will be billed in full. For the Quality Practitioner, this will be £300.


Additional Courses


Clear Quality offers a range of funded distance learning courses to improve your business practices, including Level 3 Team Leader, or Supervisor and Level 5 Operations, or Departmental Manager.


For more information on our Level 4 Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship course, contact Clear Quality today on 01709 918 501, or visit our apprenticeship page for more information.

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