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PHES achieves ISO 9001: 2015 with help from Clear Quality!

PHES (Plate Heat Exchanger Services Ltd) are specialists in providing a dedicated service to help organisations service and maintain all of their Plate Heat Exchangers. With Clear Quality's help, they were able to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification with ease.

Based in Rotherham, PHES have a combined 100 Years’ experience in servicing and maintaining Plate Heating Exchanges. With this amount of experience it’s safe to say PHES know what they are doing, which is why with every customer they understand how critical and costly delays can be so aim to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum!

Due to the industry in which PHES operate, having a robust quality management system that delivers positive impact on a daily basis and gives everyone in the company confidence and clarity is essential.

This is where Clear Quality were able to help, we specialise in providing unique and comprehensive quality management systems aligned to the requirements of specific ISO standards. In this case, we were able to work with PHES and help them flawlessly achieve their ISO 9001:2015 accreditation with zero non-conformances.

Mark Ingram, Commercial Manager from PHES said, “The knowledge and professionalism of Clear Quality, along with their very approachable attitude, played a huge part in PHES achieving the ISO9001: 2015 standard and without the help of both Darren Forder and Debbie Whitehead, this would not have been possible.

A huge thanks from the whole team at Plate Heat Exchangers Services Limited.”

Darren Forder, ISO Consultant for Clear Quality said: “Despite only working with PHES for a short amount of time, I was immediately impressed with how quickly everyone within the organisation picked up the new QMS and used it.

I have no doubt after flawlessly achieving their ISO 9001 this is the start of something great for PHES and everyone involved.

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