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Happy World Quality Day, Celebrating 100 years of Quality!

Happy World Quality Day! We are very excited to celebrate 100 years of quality and help raise awareness of how implementing a Quality Management System can benefit your organisation.

What is World Quality Day?

World Quality Day was introduced in 1990 by the United Nations, with the aim to raise awareness and the importance of quality performance of professional responsibilities and tasks across nations and in organisations to strengthen the improvement of innovation, growth and sustainability.

World Quality Day is celebrated every year around the world in November. The day was designed to increase worldwide awareness of the important contribution that quality makes towards both organisational and national growth, and prosperity.

Businesses across the world take part in a variety of activities such as business-wide seminars, presentations, quizzes and competitions at their workplace. Events are usually organised by quality professionals based within organisations and are designed to spread the ‘importance of quality’ message to non-quality professionals.

For an organisation to survive and succeed, quality must be a part of the strategy. Here are some examples of how quality can be at the heart of the business:

  • Good governance - Ensuring the interests of customers and stakeholders are understood and respected.
  • Agile assurance - Establishing appropriate methodologies to protect and enhance reputation through the mitigation of risk.
  • Evaluation and improvement - Identifying and implementing ways of working to maximise effectiveness and eliminate unnecessary cost and waste.

This is where we come in, Clear Quality help organisations from all backgrounds to implement and improve their Quality Management Systems (aligned to the International Standards Organisation) to ensure they are providing real benefit.

Get in touch today if you have any queries around quality management and our friendly and professional team will get back to you or arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs, with the possibility of gaining up to 50% FREE funding towards the implementation cost. / 01709 918 501

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