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Logistics Consultancy

Clear Quality Logistics Consultancy

At Clear Quality we work with SME's from the logistics industry who have brough to life the logistics arm of the business. Over the last year we have developed several consultancy services which we are proud to launch for logistics organisations. This includes:

  1. FORS audit preparation and support
  2. ISO 14001 and 45001 for the logistics industry
  3. External Transport Managers
  4. Logistics Training - Driver CPC, Compliance Training and Transport Manager CPC

We do this in partnership with:

  1. Shane Walton Consulting
  2. Simple CPC
  3. ODSS 

So lets have a look at these products in a little more detail:

FORS Audit Support

Bronze: Online support package only, including:

  • eLearning – FORS
  • eLearning – Operator Licence Compliance
  • Policy and procedure templates
  • Risk assessments
  • Highway code
  • Regulatory guides
  • Driver handbook

Cost: £500

Silver: Online support package + an onsite 'Mock' FORS audit completed by one of our consultants.

Cost: £1000

Gold: Online support package, onsite 'Mock' FORS audit and support on the day of your FORS audit from your dedicated consultant

Cost: £1500

External Transport Managers

What we do for you:

  • HGV only
  • Assistance with O-licence applications and variations
  • Nominated transport manager (CPC holder) for your Operator's Licence (external, part-time)
  • Operator licence applications and variations (haulage)
  • Digital and analogue tachograph analysis
  • Operator compliance audits DVSA
  • Quarterly compliance audits
  • Public inquiry representation
  • Solutions and support
  • Discounted rates on all FORS, Transport manager CPC, DCPC and Compliance training – 10% off list price

Standard Operator's Licenses 1-5 vehicle £650 per month. 

Restricted Operator's Licenses 1-5 vehicles £500 per month.

*more vehicles £50 per month each.

Compliance Training

Compliance training is key to ensuring your employees are knowledgeable about the logistics policies, regulations and legal requirements that apply to their day-to-day responsibilities. You should take an active role in updating your compliance training and move away from the dry, repetitious approach of the past.

Online Driver CPC Training - Simple CPC deliver DCPC mandatory training. All our courses are fully accredited by JAUPT and count for 7 hours of periodic driver CPC training. All courses are available online, you need a webcam, microphone, fast and stable internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone that meets the minimum requirements. All courses include electronic certificates and DVSA uploads. Simple CPC can also offer in house online Driver CPC training and can develop bespoke online Driver CPC courses to meet your needs. Modules available:

  • Future trends
  • Health, fitness and success
  • Drivers hours and tachographs
  • Rules and regulations
  • Improving driving standards

Face to Face Driver CPC Training - ODSS deliver face to face Driver CPC training. Strong foundations can build an excellent culture of understanding, improving driver behavior and reducing risk. An operator can reduce collision damage costs, improve absence, increase fuel efficiency, improve morale and more. Courses can be delivered at your premises or at an external venue. All courses include handouts or workbooks, pens, electronic certificates and DVSA uploads. Modules available:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Drivers Hours, Working Time and Record Keeping
  • Safer People - Highways England Approved
  • Safer Vehicles - Highways England Approved
  • Driver Health & Distractions
  • Protecting Vulnerable Road Users
  • Understanding Operator Licencing for Drivers
  • Vehicle Technology
  • Reversing Assistant – Includes Practical
  • Driver Walk Round Checks - Includes Practical

Online Compliance Training - please see our eLearning page for the Operator Licence Compliance (OLC) course available as a whole or modular course.

Face to Face Compliance Training - delivered by ODSS classroom OLC, CPC Refresher and Transport Manager CPC are all available

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