I have already recommended Clear Quality to multiple businesses and friends.

Clear Quality was recommended to us by our biggest supplier as things were bottlenecking and our business progress didn’t seem right.  The main reason for us as an educational business was to prepare for Ofsted and governmental regulations that come into place in the near future. We started the ISO9001 and ISO 21001 journey so that we could make every staff member accountable for our customers, our educational delivery, reputation, and the service provided to be exceptional alongside always looking at the profitability and performance of the business. We started to look at all processes; structures and procedures; streamline our business; study key performances; budgeting; marketing plans; compliance; forecasting; staffing abilities; strengths and weaknesses in departments; create targets and new product markets; but most importantly look at the cost, waste, and risk we were having whilst projecting the future.

ISO 9001 has made us take everything back to basics, accepted weaknesses, and created targets, actions, and SOPs under the guidance of the ISO 9001 process (and some frank and scary conversations). We have learned that it is not about a person anymore, but a job role that has a process and Key Performance Indicators so that the next person coming in when we grow has everything covered and done. It has made us realise the benefits of structuring training and staff development in more depth and how it benefits the overall organisation. Debbie and Caroline have been exceptional in all aspects, and we now have the plan to double within two years with multiple products in other markets, not just education.  What Caroline has done especially for us has been outstanding. Our initial ISO 21001 meeting with Terri shows how much we have actually moved forward over the last year. It will take a few more tears and heartache, but we have gone back to basics and looked at every aspect of the business. It is priceless what we are now doing at every stage.  I have already recommended Clear Quality to multiple businesses and friends as it has totally made us think about all areas of service, delivery, reputation, process, costs, targets, projections and most importantly reducing our risk. I cannot recommend Clear Quality enough.

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