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Our New Charity of the Year: The Bone Cancer Research Trust

Launching in Sarcoma Awareness Month

Clear Quality is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) as its chosen Charity of the Year for 2023/2024. This marks a significant milestone for Clear Quality, as it is the first time, we have selected a charity to support throughout the year. We take our social responsibilities seriously and are delighted to be engaging with the local community by supporting a charity that holds a special place in our hearts.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) is a leading UK charity dedicated to saving lives and improving outcomes for people affected by bone cancer. Through their research, information, awareness campaigns, and support services, BCRT is making a tangible difference in the lives of those battling this challenging disease. It is an honour for us to be a sponsor of the Bone Cancer Research Trust and to contribute to their admirable mission in any way we can.

Our decision to support the Bone Cancer Research Trust was influenced by a deeply personal connection within our team. Malc, our Business Development Manager, has a son-in-law named Adam who was diagnosed with bone cancer at a young age, just 18 years old, during his first term at university in 2011. Adam underwent intensive surgery and extensive chemotherapy, and we are incredibly grateful that he has now been cancer-free for ten years.

To commemorate this milestone and raise awareness about bone cancer, Adam recently completed the London Marathon on crutches. His inspiring efforts, together with his "TenforTen" team, raised an astounding £14,000 for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. Adam surpassed the existing world record for completing a marathon on crutches by over 40 minutes, and he is eagerly awaiting official verification from the Guinness Book of Records.

In addition to supporting the London Marathon, BCRT organises the Bone Cancer Research Trust Ball, their flagship fundraising event held annually in November. This ball is open to all who wish to show their support, and this year's theme is Masquerade. We are proud to announce that representatives from Clear Quality Ltd will be in attendance, eagerly participating in this remarkable event.

Bone cancer is a rare and complex disease that necessitates extensive research and innovative treatments. By sponsoring the Bone Cancer Research Trust, Clear Quality aims to deepen our understanding of the disease and contribute to ongoing efforts to overcome it.

If you would like to join Clear Quality in supporting the fight against bone cancer, we invite you to visit the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) website through the link below. There, you can learn more about the incredible work BCRT does, gain insights into the disease, and even purchase tickets for this year's Masquerade Ball. We look forward to seeing you there, and we hope you can spot us amidst the festivities!

 “Captivated by the stories of resilience and unwavering strength witnessed at last year’s bone cancer ball, we at Clear Quality Ltd proudly chose the Bone Cancer Research Trust as our charity of the year. Inspired by their incredible courage, we’re committed to supporting their cause, funding vital research, and bringing hope to those battling bone cancer”. Debbie Whitehead Clear Quality CEO. 

If you would like to make a donation through our JustGiving page, please click the link here:

To find out more about The Bone Cancer Research Trust and their mission, view their website here: Donate now | Bone Cancer Research Trust (

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