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ISO 14001 Journey

ETPS (Electronic Test & Power Systems) is a company that specialises in programmable power instruments commonly used for research and performance testing of clean technologies. Given their position within the clean research sector, ETPS felt it was only logical to implement a formal EMS (Environmental Management System) and obtain ISO 14001 certification.

Since implementing ISO 14001, ETPS has experienced a range of benefits. One major benefit is that many purchasing organisations now require suppliers to have ISO 14001 certification as standard protocol. As a result, when asked if they comply with the standard, ETPS can now simply provide their certificate, rather than filling out multiple forms and answering a range of questions to provide evidence that they meet the buying organisation’s supplier criteria. This saves the company a significant amount of time over a number of years.

In addition, having ISO 14001 certification reinforces ETPS's commitment to rigorous quality standards to customers who demand the highest quality. The company works with many of the world's leading technology brands, providing them with the tools to innovate. With ISO 14001 accreditation, ETPS can provide added assurance to these customers that they are committed to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices.

When asked what advice they would give to other organisations considering implementing ISO 14001, ETPS emphasised the importance of creating a management system that streamlines company processes. Instead of simply checking boxes to achieve compliance, companies should use the process as an opportunity to assess existing systems at every point and ask, "can we do this better?" By challenging existing processes and striving for continuous improvement, companies can reap the full benefits of ISO 14001 certification and achieve a more efficient and sustainable business model. 

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