Case Study



ISO 14001 Journey

Empace Consulting Limited is a UK-based firm of civil and structural engineers. They specialise in refurbishment projects and have a wide range of experience working on various types of construction projects. The company had already implemented other ISO standards, including ISO 9001, the motivation behind Empace's decision to implement ISO 14001 was driven by the desire to demonstrate their commitment to the net zero drive which is becoming increasingly important in the industry.

Despite the company's experience in the construction industry, they still encountered some challenges during the implementation process of ISO 14001. These included ensuring that all employees understood the requirements of the standard and were committed to its implementation as well as navigating the complexities of the standard and integrating its requirements into their existing business practices. However, they were able to overcome these challenges by working with our consultant Darren who provided great support and guidance on the implementation process.

Since implementing ISO 14001, Empace Consulting Limited has experienced many benefits. The main benefit is enhanced reputation. ISO standards, especially ISO 9001, are seen as a high bar to achieve for industries. The implementation has allowed Empace Consulting Limited to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, which has positively impacted their brand reputation. Additionally, the company has noticed an improvement in their relationships with stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers. Empace's clients have acknowledged and even commented on the fact that the company has implemented ISO 14001.

“It does make the relationship better when people see you as ISO certified. It gives the impression that you're a serious business”. – Empace Consulting Limited.

To other organisations considering implementing ISO 14001, Empace advises that it is important to be fully committed to the environmental philosophy behind the standard. Additionally, depending on the industry or profession, different approaches to implementing the standard may be necessary. Organisations that are already working towards a global philosophy will find it easier to implement the standard.

Finally, Empace has learned that small things like recycling and minimising their paper trail have a significant impact on reducing their environmental footprint. As an office-based organisation, they have found it easier to implement these changes and believe that other organisations can also make a significant impact through small changes.


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