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How our short courses can aid you in your professional development.

How our short courses can aid you in your professional development.

We've recently launched our short, accredited courses at Clear Quality Ltd, aimed at enhancing professional learning across the board.

This is just the beginning; more courses are on the horizon.

Does your workplace prioritise professional development?

At Clear Quality Ltd, we prioritise continual professional development in the workplace and your workplace should too. In fact, over 50% of our team is currently enrolled in apprenticeships or various learning programs.

Our accredited short courses, spanning 2-3 days, cater to diverse learning preferences. We understand that people have different styles of learning, and our shorter courses are designed to accommodate that. Despite the condensed timeframe, the benefits are significant.


These courses offer a fresh perspective on learning for your team, and the best part is, you can enrol more than one team member. We tailor the course to align with your business needs when multiple team members are enrolled, also making cross-management simpler when more than one team member is trained.

Our courses are time-efficient, allowing your team to step away for a few days and return with valuable knowledge. The impact is tangible, and the benefits are varied, making our short courses an excellent investment for professional growth.

Conduct Quality Audits:

February – 15th and 16th

June – 13th and 14th

October – 24th and 25th

Respond To Change In A Business Environment:

29th Feb & 1st March.

June – 27th and 28th

November – 7th and 8th

For more information about our next cohorts, please contact us at:

01709 918 501

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