Clear Quality offer Ofsted training, support and guidance, through mock Ofsted inspections. We provide pre and post Ofsted consultancy to help your education facility when preparing for Ofsted inspection.

Plan for your Ofsted inspection and manage the outcomes with Clear Quality’s support and mock tests - we like to call them “Mocksteds”. We have teams of Ofsted specialist consultants across the UK ready to help you.

Pre Ofsted Training

Our pre Ofsted training helps you when preparing for ofsted inspection. We will provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of your service, focusing on quality of education, safeguarding arrangements, leadership and management in particular.

Furthermore, we will develop an action plan with clear strategies for improvement prior to the anticipated inspection date.

With our team of experienced Ofsted Nominees, Education Managers, Operations and Quality Managers we are ideally placed to identify current trends and best practices nationwide; this knowledge is always used to advise and recommend improvements. Our experience makes us the ideal choice for Ofsted training and mock inspections prior to your anticipated Ofsted visit.

Post Ofsted Training

Whether your Ofsted inspection is positive or negative, we can always advise and provide strategies for further improvement. Our Ofsted inspection guidance is centered around the details of your report, putting in place in depth strategies for development.

We work closely with staff and the management team to identify concerns and provide both short and long-term solutions. We can also help you complete any documentation and provide evidence that is required for Ofsted following inspection. We aim not to simply work for you, but to work with you. Our Ofsted training prepares your staff for the ongoing development of educational systems and frameworks.

SAR & QIP Guidance

Both consultation services (pre and post inspection) have the additional optional service; SAR & QIP generation. We can facilitate and work with your teams to produce a relevant, real time analysis of your business - be it a SAR (Self-Assessment report) or QIP (Quality Improvement plan).

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Do you have Ofsted Requirements?

We will help you identify what you need to fix, create an action plan and help you submit all the evidence required to Ofsted.

Will you achieve a Grade 2?

We will help you plan and implement strategies to help you achieve a ‘Good’ – we all know this is essential for your business operations.

Mock Ofsted Inspection

Clear Quality have experienced and highly trained consultants with the professional knowledge to provide mock ofsted inspection services - or ‘Mocksteds’. These form the framework of a full Ofsted guidance strategy in which we work with your school, college, nursery or other educational provider to manage potential strengths and weaknesses.

We use this mock inspection to address areas that could be developed and to harness the strengths you already have. It leaves you in the best position to achieve ‘outstanding’ in the real Ofsted inspection.

If you want to learn more about our mock Ofsted inspections, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to chat over the phone or have a no-obligation meeting so you can ask any questions. Call: 01709 918 501 today.

Ofsted Training

For professional Ofsted training, get in touch with Clear Quality. We have experienced and knowledgeable consultants that can prepare your school or educational facility for an Ofsted inspection. We can also help you to act on your most recent Ofsted report.